by Silvano Gherardi and Federica Mangione

Since a few years the Provincia di Bergamo produces an observatorial activity on immigration, alternating the collection of data concerning the presences with a quality survey over a particularly interesting phenomenon.

In 2001 it has been published the CD ROM “Rapporto Immigrazione 2000” , and in 2004 “ Rapporto Immigrazione 2003” , which allowed to understand the size and the immediate effects of the “great regularization”. Today, with the Rapporto 2006 , is covered a three-year span (2003 – 2005) which has seen remarkable changes, originated by the moving of the immigrations flows and the enlargement of the European Community. This is a work that with the collection of datas and informations through

Institutional and administrative sources, allows by now to understand the trends and conjunctures and at the same time also previews additional possible deepenings and to focus our attention on meaningful aspects of the reality we are all living in schools, in working places, in the world of healthcare and on the whole territory.

Even this report has benefited of the collaboration of a remarkable number of institutional and associative subjects, and it'is this same sinergy that makes it a collective product, offered to the whole community. Moreover, for its said characteristics, this report is intended as a necessary tool of knowledge, made even more precious if read in connection with the products of the regional Observatory.

In fact, following an explicit acknowledgement by Regione Lombardia , which by its own acts has made evident the usefullness of a source of integration between the regional and local observatories, during 2005 for the first time all provinces of Lombardia took part in the realization of an omogenic system of information collection and analysis, thus meaningfully contributing to the development of the Osservatorio Regionale per l'integrazione e la multietnicità .
In addition, the report allowes to enrich the knowledge and informations of the decisors and the actors of the Law 328/2000, highlighting how much work is carried out in different territories and by differently engaged actors. The survey suggests to consider by now the phenomenon as an integrant part of the territories, with the consequent elaboration of integrated territorial and specialized policies, by helping all necessary passages dedicated to generalized services, as already emerged through the study of service access by immigrants, and as required by the growing presence of immigrants's sons.

The great size of the immigration data collected in three years with the essential collaboration of the Prefettura di Bergamo and elaborated by the Area Socio demografica dell'Osservatorio Politiche Sociali , has been organized so to make them easily usable.
The CD is made of 4 parts:

  • An introduction, which contains a general overview, some reflections on the theme and some considerations on all collected data. To improve its diffusion and use, it has been decided to present it also in other languages;
  • A section regarding the presence, not only to answer the question “how many are the immigrants?”, but also to trace their profile on the different aspects of life;
  • A section regarding the territorial activities, from front offices to zone plans, through projects, events and activities by some of the subjects engaged;  
  • The final part is tradinionally dedicated to the images, to offer another precious means of communication, in addition to the verbal language, which normally prevails.

Each single chapter contains different documents with their relative attachments, a documentation section and a few useful links. The CD navigation is therefore possible in many directions and with multiple links.

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