by Valerio Bettoni and Bianco Speranza

The “Rapporto Immigrazione 2006” constitutes the outcome of a triennal work, following the two preceeding ones, produced by the Osservatorio Politiche Sociali – Area immigrazione of the Provincia di Bergamo , made in collaboration with local and regional partners.
The local network of collaborations has been enlarged by including, along with traditional partners ( Prefettura, Comune di Bergamo, ASL, Ufficio Scolastico Provinciale, Caritas ), other new subjects such as Ambiti territoriali, Police headquarters , the University, Hospital facilities , datorial associations and unions, terzo settore organizations.
On an over-territorial level, we must notice instead the intervention of the Regione Lombardia , which has partially financed the observatories of the Province lombarde through the project “Rete interprovinciale di attività a supporto dell'Osservatorio Regionale per l'integrazione e la multietnicità” , whom this Cd Rom is expression.
The elaboration and spread of the immigration data constitutes an area of primary engagement for the Settore Politiche Sociali , though certainly not the only one. The knowledge of the phenomenon, necessarily required to project the adequate policies, has a meaning only if accompanied by an engagement in the promotion of the culture of integration.
To all those differently interested in the migratory phenomenon, the Provincia also offers training and improval; to the front-office workers is offered the coordination and support for specific projectualities; to the local agencies and associations, and to the immigrants, are offered the activities carried out by the Agenzia per l'integrazione.

In this total plan of activities has to be read the data which is presented, so that the actors engaged in the realization of the welfare policies, the administrators, the students and the citizens – foreign and italians – whom this work is dedicated, could make the best use of it.

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